We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to access a broad range of physical activity, to understand the benefits of exercise and to develop positive attitudes towards sport and physical activity that will lay the foundation for them being active and healthy in their future lives. PE is an opportunity for children to develop key behaviours such as teamwork resilience, and a sense of fair play, which have positive benefits both in their learning across the wider curriculum and in their future. Building upon specific skills helps children to participate more confidently and enjoy a wider range of sports. We also believe that PE and sport can afford children enriching experiences and cultural capital that can help them to understand how they are part of a bigger world.​

Through Physical Education at Burneston, children will:​

  • Develop a love for physical activity and movement​
  • Gain an awareness of how exercise contributes to a healthy lifestyle
  • Build sport and activity-specific skills to allow them to participate effectively and enjoy competition
  • Experience a variety of sports, games, opportunities and activities, and be encouraged to engage with some outside of school
  • Build positive attributes such as teamwork, resilience and determination​
  • Experience live sporting events to help to build their cultural capital and nurture an engagement in sport​
  • Understand and embody the principles of fair play and sporting behaviour, and promote and model these within the school and wider communities.