School Visits and Open Mornings

We warmly welcome visits our school at any time of the year.

We would usually have an Open Morning for prospective new starters early in October, and we are now planning ways for you to see our fantastic school in action, whilst adhering to social distancing.

If you would like to arrange an after hours visit to school, please contact the office – 01677 423183 or and we will be delighted to arrange to see you. If you are unable to visit in person, we are preparing information to send out via Youtube, so please contact us and we will email you the link.

How to apply for a place at Burneston

If your child is due to begin their school career in September 2021 (i.e. at the start of next academic year) and you would like to apply to Burneston, you need to do so via North Yorkshire County Council, who handle all school admissions.  Their policies and procedures are outlined in detail on their website.  Please follow this link for further details and to apply for a place.

North Yorkshire County Council Admissions Policy

As a ‘Voluntary Aided’ Church of England Primary School, we work in partnership with the Local Authority regarding our admissions arrangements. In practice, this means that our school and its Governing Body will only make decisions regarding admissions if we are oversubscribed. For a full breakdown of the admissions policy in use for our school, including the arrangements there are in place for selecting the pupils who apply, the oversubscription criteria and an explanation of the process parents need to follow if they want to apply for their child to attend our school, please see our Policies page from where you can download a copy of our Admissions Policy.

Our Catchment Area

The catchment area for the school is outlined in our admissions policy and includes; the residential communities of Melmerby, Wath, Norton Conyers, East Tanfield, Middleton Quernhow, Sutton Howgrave, Kirklington, Carthorpe, Burneston, Theakston, Exelby and certain parts of RAF Leeming and the old village of Gatenby. We do currently have a number of pupils who live outside the catchment area and welcome all enquiries.

Please contact us on 01677 423183 if you would like to visit our school, or email on