We believe that children are the problem solvers of tomorrow, and science is the means through which they can make a difference in the world. A secure foundation of knowledge in key areas of science and an understanding of and respect for the scientific process are essential areas for children to develop in order to thrive in a future in which society and science will be more interconnected than ever before. 

As part of their study of science at Burneston, every child will:

  • Be curious and ask questions about the world around them
  • Gather a secure basis of knowledge of key scientific concepts through a rigorous and carefully sequenced curriculum
  • Learn about significant scientists of the past, and how their contributions have helped to build our understanding of the world of today
  • Work together to develop the scientific inquiry skills essential for them to explore these questions
  • Develop an understanding and a respect for the scientific process and its foundation in fact, logic and truth.
  • Contribute to ‘real science’ by being part of wider projects beyond our school
  • Connect with scientists and engineers in order to raise aspirations and understand the role that science plays in society